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When you’ve got something to say you—somewhat you’ve experienced throughout your life to keep students pleased in the way to study. You’ve been searching for a technique that hasn’t really worked out lately, about how you shifted course.

Pitches are welcome in all academic areas and grades from pre-K to 12. And our essential methods are still attractive for us: project-based learning, social and emotional teaching, application of technologies, students’ growth, systematic evaluation, and applied research.

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How to write a post for us

Submit the following information in the subject line to guest blog at Edutopia (dot) ORG via e-mail to “Guest blog: [Posted postal title]:”

  • A few keywords to characterize the idea and a high-level description (pay attention to 750–850 word completed blog posts).
  • Any connections you plan to add to the multimedia
  • A few sentences on the blog’s target audience (high school math teachers, administrators, etc.)
  • An approximately 80-word bio with information on your educational position
  • 3 to 5 links (if any) to other works, particularly academic publishings
  • Full disclosure of all goods or services of economic interest;
  • Your handling of your Twitter (if you have one)

Please note that the original entries are only appropriate. We won’t approve your message if it’s showing somewhere.

Edutopia entries are regulated by our Terms of Usage.

We need to say no to some pitches, including several positive ones, because of the number of submissions we get. While we cannot respond to everyone significantly, please be assured that we read all pitches carefully and appreciate the time and energy they need. In two to three weeks, we are trying our utmost to address all proposals. We hope that you can pursue another brilliant idea if we don’t approve the first pitch that you send.

Additional process

Our publishing team will chat about your pitch, and if we approve it, we will ask you to share your draft. Then, one of our editors would definitely want to collaborate with you to make at least one feedback round. Helpers also comment that they enjoy the care and support they get to create a blog post for people they try to meet while collaborating with Edutopia editors.

Are to inspire you to resources

If you never have previously written a paper or question if your idea is suitable for Edutopia’s audience, look at the resources

A teacher’s first idea of pitch, two popular pitches, and many articles on diverse subjects.

Meet a new writer from Edutopia:

Marissa King, who has an intriguing concept about using emojis to teach reading, was a 5th-grade teacher at public Tulsa schools.

This proposal was her first article for Edutopia: the ‘Use of Emojis to Teach essential reading skills,’

Which considers how close the students’ emoji use is to the abilities that she teaches in conventional texts

Their pitch for this innovative concept was attractive, she argued well with access to reputable outlets for its educational benefit.

Examples of Approved Pitches:

it is secondary to share ideas with the classroom and friends, but somehow it would be odd to pitch a blog proposal. Will you need inspiration? See this PDF of two pitches accepted by Edutopia.

Impactful blog posts: get a good idea of the optimistic, helpful, and realistic posts we are searching for by reading some new posts.